To phone any of the persons below, dial +43 1 58801 and the extension given for the person.

Function Name Extension Office hours Publications
Office Gusel Franziska 18503 Di 11:00 - 12:00 and by appointment
Professors Ciabattoni Agata 18545 by appointment dblp
Fermüller Christian 18543 Mo 11:00 - 12:30 dblp
Freund Rudolf 18542 see here dblp
Leitsch Alexander (em.) 18540 by appointment dblp
Salzer Gernot (head) 18541 see here dblp
Faculty Kogler Jürgen 185189 by appointment dblp
Oswald Marion by appointment dblp
Podlipnig Stefan 185188 see here dblp
Scherer Markus 18550 by appointment
IT-AdminTobias Sippl18548
Project Staff Aschieri Frederico dblp
Hotz Doris
Kuznets Roman dblp
Lellmann Björn 185184 dblp
Pascucci Matteo dblp
Ramanayake Revantha 185187 dblp
PhD Students Berkel, Kees van
Hofer Matthias dblp
Lang Timo dblp
Lyon Tim dblp
Pavlova Alexandra
Lecturers Angermann Markus
Felsenreich Moritz
Fokina Ekaterina
Hofmann Michael
Perco Paul
Schneeweiß Bruno
Zumpf Harald